The Midlands Region runs an outreach programme to introduce bookbinding to groups and societies in the region who have members who are interested in learning more about the subject in general or a specific aspect of our craft. As part of this programme we have a number of members who are prepared to give a talk or run a workshop for a grouop or society. If you would like a visit from one of our members please contact us. 

What does it cost? Talks and workshops that are part of the outreach programme are provided free of charge by the members presenting them. However, we do ask for travelling expenses and for the cost of materials used in a workshop. If your group or society normally pays for speakers we would ask you to consider making a donation, equal to what you normally pay for a speaker, to the regions funds.

Talks and Workshops available through the Outreach Programme

At the moment we can offer the following talks and workshops. If you have a special requirement that is not covered here please contact our Secretary who will try and find somebody in the region who can address your requirement.

Bookbinding Today

An illustrated talk that provides an insight into the world of bookbinding today. It covers the role of the hobby bookbinder, the artist bookbinder and the craft bookbinder. The talk is about modern hand bookbinding, what we do and why the craft is still practised today in a world with machine bound books. It also gives some insight into the history of the craft. The talk has been put together by members of the Society of Bookbinders Midland Region and is presented by one of a number of presentors who know this subject.

Richard III Book – Rebinding - a 21st Century Text in a 15th Century Carapace

Following the discovery of the bones of Richard III in Leicester, the two bookbinding co-operatives in Leicestershire (Quorn Bookbinding Group and Leicester Bookbinding Group) carried out a project to produce a facsimile period binding of The King’s Grave by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones, using oak boards, vellum and vegitan leather. This talk is illustrated with multiple photographs to show how, under the guidance of their tutor, Nick Wells, they employed the methods of bookbinding that were in use during the Plantagenet period. It is a PowerPoint Presentation; it lasts about 1 hour; and is given by Michael Kelly.

A Simple Binding — Binding a Folded Book Workshop

Folded books are one of the simplest and easiest types of books to make. This workshop run by Laura Sturrock is suitable for up to 16 persons and lasts for about two hours. Laura is an established craft worker who has recently taken up bookbinding. There will be a charge for the materials used in this workshop.

Edge Decoration — Shaving Foam and Splater!

Edge decoration is found on a lot of handbound books. It can range from compound gilding through traditional marbling to fore-edge painting. Many of these techniques require specialist equipment and expertise, which are beyond the ability of the hobby binder at home. Nigel Backhurst has developed approaches to edge decoration that can be done at the kitchen table, using kitchen equipment. This is available either as a talk and demonstration about edge decoration or as a workshop. As a workshop it is suitable for up to 16 persons. There will be a charge for the materials used in this workshop.

Bookbinding without the Expense — Alternative tools

One thing that puts a lot of amateurs off taking up bookbinding is the apparent cost of the equipment that they need to have. This is a mistake. It is possible to bind books without having any specialist equipment, you can get by with a couple of pieces of wood and some bricks or kitchen weights. The right kind of equipment can make it easier but it is not compulsory to be a bookbinder. In this talk David Cotton looks at the techniques of bookbinding, how a book is bound and what you need to do the binding. He shows low cost alternatives to traditional equipment and explains how the hobby bookbinder becomes an expert at improvisation.

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